Wholesale Partners can benefit from our multi award-winning billing platform for fast, accurate bills. Its capability and pedigree are second to none as its success in the marketplace indicates, which is why it has been adopted by many of our Wholesale Partners. It includes a fully-featured WLR3 portal which is also available as a stand-alone service for partners who already have a billing solution.

  • Multi award-winning billing platform
  • Hosted billing solution
  • Bureau billing option
  • Full Direct Debit collection
  • Complete wholesale billing service
  • Full billing account management
  • Ongoing fraud control
  • Complete WLR3 integration
  • CRM integration
  • Portals
  • Customer log in billing portal: WLR3
  • Online ordering portal

The billing platform is designed to maximise your margins through performance and flexibility allowing you to sustain full control of your customers and invoices. This efficient and secure billing operation is also designed to save you time, leading to faster bill runs for improved cash flow, and reduces errors to maximise your profit. The end user ‘view my bill’ portal helps ensure customer satisfaction by enabling them to access their bills online whenever they want.