Wholesale Partners can benefit from our multi-award- winning billing platform and Bureau Billing Service for fast, accurate bills.

The billing platform’s capability and pedigree are second to none as its success in the marketplace indicates, which is why it has been adopted by many of our Wholesale Partners as the bedrock of their network service operations. A total solution for billing, analysis of call detail records (CDRs), provisioning, real-time analysis, fraud prevention, and interfaces for accounts and CRM packages.

Two-factor authentication secure Cloud hosted billing and provisioning platform

  • Remote access to the platform via portal
  • Bureau Billing Option to complete wholesaler’s bill run
  • Telecoms revenue assurance
  • Integration with suppliers ordering systems
  • Back-office integration – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sales Force, Sage, CreditSafe, Autotask
  • Full Billing Account Management
  • LineGuard – comms fraud management
  • Back-office integration – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Sales Force, Sage, CreditSafe, Autotask

The platform is designed to maximize your margins through performance and flexibility allowing you to sustain full control of your customers and invoices. This efficient and secure billing operation is also designed to save you time, leading to faster bill runs for improved cash flow, and reduces errors to maximise your profit. The end user ‘view my bill’ portal helps ensure customer satisfaction by enabling them to access their bills online whenever they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Email with your request so that our team can arrange direct debit on your account.

All direct debits normally go out on or around the 14th day of each month. If you are concerned about when your direct debit will be collected, please contact us at

You should be able to access further reports and itemisation through your online portal at the top of this page titled ‘view my bill‘. If you need a refresh of your log in details, please email us at

Credit notes are issued separately to invoices. This means that the value of your credit note will only be noticeable within the balance owing section of your invoice and not as a line item. The credit note amount is usually deducted from your next invoice as standard however if you have any queries about this system, your credit note or your invoice, please contact us at so that we may assist.

We understand that your requirements may change and while we’ll be sorry to see you leave, we aim to make this process as simple as possible. If you wish to cease your services, please send your request to Before doing this, you may wish to check your contract terms and conditions to ensure that you are not currently bound by a notice period.

We normally invoice one month in advance for line rental and one month in arrears for call charges. Your first bill may be higher because the rental will be backdated to when the lines were installed. This means that you may have up to three months of line rental charges on the first bill as well as any installation charges. If you’re unsure about what you have been charged, please contact us at so that we can investigate.

For all final billing requirements, please contact your Account Manager or with the date you will be moving, your new contact information and details of the new property owner.

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