Voice communication in organisations across the country is changing with workers demanding the modern technologies available in their everyday lives.

Channel Telecom can help you to capitalise on this demand with a comprehensive suite of products that deliver functionality, reliability and value to you and your customers.

  • Tdm and Voip Services
  • Carrier Pre Select (Cps)
  • In Direct Access (Ida) – (Including Extension Billing)
  • Wholesale Calls via BT Wholesale
  • Area Call Options


  • Wlr3, Isdn2, Isdn30 and Analogue Lines
  • Various Care Levels
  • Full Range of Wlr3 Features

Virgin Media

  • Analogue Lines
  • Direct Connects
  • Isdn30
  • Non-Geographic Numbers (Ngn)
  • Choice Of 01,02,03,08,09 Numbers
  • Premium Call Services
  • International Ngn
  • Ngn Portal (Full Partner and Customer Access)
  • Inbound and Outbound Call Reporting

Whether your customers have multiple sites or remote workers, inbound or outbound call centres, legacy or cutting-edge technology, you can tailor our voice solutions to their unique needs.